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Winemakeri 25L-32L Pail BrewBelt, 20W

$USD 24.99
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Winemakeri 25L-32L Pail BrewBelt, 20W

"The BrewBelt™" is an adjustable heating belt that wraps around a 27-30 liter (7-7.5 USG) plastic pail or a 23 liter (6 USG) single-stage plastic fermenter. It will maintain 23 liter (6 USG) of fermenting beverage (beer wort, wine must or SuperYeast X-Press at a constant brewing temperature, approximately 23-27ºC (75-80ºF) for a period of up to 8 days. Home brewing in cold or damp conditions often requires this additional heat source to maintain minimum fermentation temperatures.
20 watt