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LQ Prestige Caramel 2X Essence, 50ml

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LQ Prestige Caramel 2X Essence, 50ml

"Caramel 2X"
50 mL (1.625 fl. oz.)

Instructions: Use as directed in various recipes to increase the color in home made liquors, liqueurs, wines, beers, drinks and foods such as sauces and gravies. The typical dosage rate is 0.2-0.6 mL/L (0.8-2.3 cc/gallon). 1.7 U.S. fl. oz. darkens up to 65 U.S. gallons. (250 L) of alcohol. Use a 1mL/cc syringe or dropper to measure dosage accurately.

Ingredients: Double strength (2X) distiller's caramel. Shelf stable up to 75% ABV.