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Distilling Organizations / Consultants / Stills

The American Distilling Institute 


The online “Bible” and reference for home distilling


Canada’s Leading Consultant for our commercial yeast products


America’s Leading Small-Medium Sized Copper Stills Maker


America’s Leading Small-Medium Sized Stainless Stills Maker


Logistics / Legislation

Our Canadian / USA Freight Forwarder


Our preferred Canadian / USA Customs Brokerage


Export / Shipping Schedules from Halifax, NS to worldwide


Export / Shipping Schedules from Saint John, NB to Caribbean


FDA Importing Requirements for truck transport orders Distilled Spirits Info / Permit


Canadian Distilled Spirits Info


Regional Micro-Distilleries 

Canada’s only “Scotch” style distillery.


Nova Scotia’s first specialty micro-distillery, producing artisanal rums & fruit liqueurs.


Nova Scotia’s largest winery is now producing local fruit eaux-de-vie.


New Brunswick’s newest micro-distillery, producing our first local Absinthe.


New Brunswick’s first micro-distillery, producing German style schnapps.


Prince Edward Island’s premier potato vodka micro-distillery.


Prince Edward Island’s specialty micro-distillery.


Prince Edward Island’s newest micro-distillery, producing North America’s only Bagaço (Portuguese style grappa).


Newfoundland’s first micro-distillery and producer of Sedna Vodka,


Rock Spirits, a div. of the NLC, the blending & bottling plant for Iceberg Vodka,

Crystalhead Vodka, Screech Rum and Lemon Hart Rum. Also see:

Many of these local distilleries are customers of ours. How may we help you?