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Filtrox Carb Pads, PROC-25/pkg

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Filtrox Carb Pads, PROC-25/pkg

Carbon filter pads remove volatile esters associated with SuperYeast™, turbos and distillates.
22 cm (8.7 in.)

Carbon filters are used to remove unwanted color and aroma from wines. They also remove unwanted aromas and taste from distilled alcohol. Use with caution because they will also strip some flavour from your wines. For use in the Flomaster and Euro Filter systems. Single use pack.

Different wines require different filter sizes

Wine Type Filter Type

Filter Number

Red Wines Coarse

No 1 Pads

White Wines Medium

No 2 Pads

Pale White Wines Fine

No 3 Pads

Fruit Wines Fine

No 3 Pads


Carbon Pads

High Alcohol Yeasts  

Carbon Pads